Buy Garage Sale Items to Resell on Ebay or Craiglist

If you are looking for money-making ideas, you have come to the right place. For years, selling items online - whether it is through an auction or via direct sales - has been a profitable business for many. You too can start selling items online for a profit. What if there are no personal belongings to sell? Garage sale items would be the best thing to look into, especially if you are serious about becoming and online seller.

How to Get Started

Getting started with buying garage sale items and reselling them on eBay or Craigslist is actually very easy to do. First, you need to understand the market segment you will be targeting. Browse through eBay and Craigslist to learn more about items that were sold quickly and for the right price.

Some of the more popular items you can resell are:


Anything from comic books, baseball or basketball cards and action figures all the way to old books and special newspapers are considered collectibles. They usually sell well online and you can pick them up for a bargain at local garage sales.

Jewelleries & Fashion Accessories

If you are lucky, you can find old jewelleries as you browse through garage sales. You can resell them online for a substantial margin, especially if they are timeless and they work well with today's fashion trends. The same goes for fashion accessories.

Vintage Clothing

This is an online reseller's dream; vintage clothing and timeless fashion pieces are selling faster than almost every other item you can find online. The amount of money you need to spend to pick up gorgeous fashion pieces is also very small, which means this type of items is perfect for those with limited starting capital.

These items are perfect starting points, but don't hesitate to expand your collection to everyday items, furniture and even ornaments. As you sell more items and gain better reputation, you will find reselling garage sale items to be much easier.

Turning a Hobby Into a Businesses

Keep in mind that this can turn from a simple hobby that allows you to make money into a serious business. A lot of avid online resellers regularly make more than $3,000 a month from reselling garage sale items alone.

Start with the right state of mind; you are here to make money, not to find items for yourself. When cruising through garage sales, make sure you keep your potential buyers in mind. Instead of buying items you like, find items that will sell well online.

You should also pay close attention to details of the purchase and sales. When buying garage sale items, identify defects and don't hesitate to ask for discounts. Photograph the items and create listings and auctions as you see fit.

Product descriptions are essentially important to your buyers. Make sure you list all details about the item, its history - if you find it interesting or valuable - and of course any defect the item has. Attach multiple pictures from different angles and make sure the item is photographed nicely to attract more customers.

Selling Online

Selling online is fairly easy to do. Open an eBay account, sign up for a PayPal account to receive payments and you can start selling almost immediately. Don't give up if the early auctions and listings don't get as many responses as you want them to; assuming you have no prior experience in selling items online, it is common for customers to think twice before bidding due to the lack of testimonials.

Be friendly to your customers and always say the truth. Overselling the items will only land you plenty of complaints later. State faults and defects clearly and make sure the customers understand what they are buying before completing the sale.

You will come across one or two problematic transactions as you resell more garage sale items online. Chargebacks and cancelled purchases are among the most common types of problems faced by online sellers. Take your time and read more articles on how to deal with these types of situation.

You are all set! You now have all the necessary basics to start buying garage sale items and selling them online. All you have to do now is get started and make money in no time.