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I needed a helping hand until payday and was refused a personal loan by my bank. Luckily were able to provide me with a 90 day loan which helped me out no end.

Chris White

  • - 30 or 90 day loans
  • - All credit scores welcome
  • - 2 minute basic application
  • - No advance fees
  • - Loans to your bank
  • - Fast cash transfers
  • - 1 month to 3 month repayments
  • - Only basic applicant info needed

I'm so happy I found this site. I needed an extra few hundred bucks for some birthday gifts for my daughter and wanted them before payday. Thank you so much for helping me out.!

Julie Robertson

30 to 90 Day Loans are Considered Short Term Loans are a great product for those who need to borrow money and are in a bind. If you have financial troubles and need assistance we can help. These products are intended for individuals who have no where else to go. These are short term loans and have high interest rates but if you are unable to borrow money from a friend or family member this may be the best option available to you.

Don't ever borrow more money than you need. The first step to not getting in debt is to make sure you can repay what you loan requires. Since these 30 day loans are intended to be a short term solution to your financial issues make sure you are gainfully employed and handle your payments.

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Why Lending Short Term Can Be Better

At first, the interest rates on short term or payday loans can look alarming. The interest is typically so high because you're only lending for a short time but overall, it is much much cheaper. When you take out a personal loan, if you were paying it back $1000 over a year, you'd typically pay around $1250, the monthly payments will be smaller but the total amount will be much higher.

Using a short term loan and paying it back between 1 - 3 months later, the APR will be higher as it's annual but as you're paying it back so fast, the total amount you'll pay will be significantly less. If you need a small loan, the chances are it'll be for an emergency or just to keep you going until payday. So, why pay more interest than you need to? If you only want to borrow small amounts, short term lending is definitely the way forward.